AUMA Electric Actuators for Critical Flow Control, Safety, and Security in the Water Industry

AUMA Electric Actuators

Potable water production, distribution, sewage treatment, and disposal are core tasks of modern water management. Drinking water abstraction, distribution, sewage disposal, and purification are fundamental prerequisites for infrastructure development. Security of supply is crucial for the modern water industry, and valves and actuators play a critical role in water management.

From individual actuators for municipal sewage treatment plants to major projects combining several hundreds of units, from the small butterfly valves and ball valves to weirs several meters high, valve actuators provide critical flow control, environmental protection, and safety.

Electric actuators are the well-established standard in the water industry.  Piping of different lengths and nominal diameters with many valve types must be automated. Electric actuators are also widely used in steel construction operating weirs and sluice gates for water systems.  Decades of developments in multi-turn, part-turn, linear actuators, valve communications, corrosion protection, and service life implanted electric actuators as the water industry standard.

AUMA, a leader in the long-term development of actuators for the water industry, earned themselves an excellent reputation by meeting the unique challenges and finding the perfect water management and treatment solutions. The AUMA brand is a synonym for long service life and ruggedness. AUMA provides solutions for all customer demands. Their modular products, control technology, and integration into established PLC control concepts or the latest Fieldbus technology are easy to retrofit in an existing installation when upgrading with modern actuation.

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