The Ideal Air Release Valve for Chemical, Desalinization, Sewage, and Other Severe Applications

Crispin X Series

The Crispin X Series elevates valve maintenance into the twenty-first century. All of the valve parts are made of stainless steel, making them rustproof. Instead of a bolted, flanged connection, the X series uses a stainless circular clamp to secure the valve head to the body for the tightest seal in the industry. 

The X Series, available in Air & Vacuum, Pressure Air Release, and Combination assemblies, features Crispin's exclusive Head Exchange System, which includes head-fixed stainless steel valve internals. Simply loosen the head assembly, held in place by a sanitary stainless clamp fitting, to clean. Remove the original head, which weighs less than 10 pounds, and replace it with a spare. Then, at your leisure, clean the original internals. Backflushing inline is no longer possible. No more annoyances. ANSI/AWWA C512 compliant. 

The internals of all valves are attached to the head, which is available in three color-coded configurations: red for the Air & Vacuum valve, green for the Pressure Air Release valve, and blue for the Universal Combination valve. Each product's packaging is also color-coded for easy storage. 

When backflushing an inline X Series valve, the spare head replaces the original valve head immediately, allowing proper cleaning to take place off-site in a safer and more sanitary environment. 

All that stands between you and a clean valve with the X Series is a wrench, two bolts, and a clamp. 

All of the valve heads fit the same virtually indestructible 316 stainless steel body. It is one-third the weight of a standard cast iron body and has a polished interior that prevents buildup because debris has nothing to cling to. Crispin valves are all tested under the most recent ANSI/AWWA C512 standards.

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