Smart Wastewater Pump Stations with MAID Labs Volucalc™

Smart Wastewater Pump Stations with Volucalc

A wastewater lift station is a pumping station that transports wastewater from one elevation to another. They are essential in transporting sewage to a wastewater treatment plant. Lift Stations are an integral part of the overall infrastructure of the wastewater industry. They improve the efficiency with which sewage transports to treatment facilities. They also reduce the cost of installing underground sewer pipes. It is critical for wastewater treatment operators to closely monitor the health and efficiency of their equipment, paying close attention to alarms and notifications. Monitoring not only extends the life of the equipment but also ensures public safety (sewage is a hazardous material that must be handled and transported with caution.)

Multiple operational parts and components make up a functional wastewater lift pump station. Everything from a power supply to remote monitoring and control must be functioning to collect and treat wastewater properly.

A Flow-Based Lift Station Operating System changes the operation of the pumps based on the flow rate entering the lift station in real-time, increasing the pumps' capacity by reducing the head. It raises its ability to cope with storm surges by lowering the lead level during high flow conditions. Real-Time flow rate monitoring is mandatory to respond to rapidly changing conditions. 

Consistent monitoring is required to operate and maintain a wastewater lift station properly. A cloud-based monitoring system is the most effective approach to monitoring and controlling a lift station because they are simple, inexpensive, accurate, and accessible from anywhere. Such monitoring systems give wastewater operators access to data about their lift stations, including alert notifications and historical data graphs and charts. Monitoring ensures that lift station equipment is in good working order and protects the public by giving vital information about the wastewater being transported and processed.

MAID (Municipal And Industrial Data) Labs created the only wastewater pump station computer that significantly reduces the electrical consumption using the existing equipment. Power consumption, pump efficiency, level behavior, and real-time high precision volumetric flow metering are some elements used to highlight the embryonic catastrophic situation. The MaidLabs' Volucalc™ Hybrid Series provides a better way to manage wastewater pump stations and is the future of lift station analysis.


Volucalc™ Hybrid CS (Constant Speed)

VOLUCALC™ HYBRID CS is a volumetric flow meter and an open channel flow meter applicable to lift stations with constant speed pumps reporting abnormal behaviors using real-time diagnostics with flow and efficiency monitoring. The CS potentially decreases electric bills by 15% to 30% using the flow-based operating system. 

Volucalc™ Hybrid VS (Variable Speed)

VOLUCALC™ Hybrid VS is a volumetric flow meter, a derived flow-based flow meter, an open channel flow meter, a backup pump controller, and an efficiency optimizer applied on lift stations having constant speed and variable speed pumps. On constant speed pumps, flow is calculated with a volumetric algorithm. On variable speed pumps, the flow rate is derived from the calibrated pump curves. A rain gauge can also be connected for infiltration studies.

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