Control Valve Cavitation Solutions

Cavitation is the formation of vapor spaces (bubbles) in the control valve cavity resulting from a rapid change in pressure. When the bubbles move downstream and are exposed to a larger cross-sectional area, velocity decreases and pressure increases, the surrounding higher pressure causes the lower pressure bubble to implode, which causes shockwaves. These shockwaves can cause metal fatigue and cause excessive wear on the internals of the valve. As the bubbles collapse, they make a discernible sound with accompanying vibration, and the damage to a valve can happen quickly (weeks or months).

Cavitation is very destructive and may wear out the trim and body parts of the valve in a short time. Using hard internal materials provides a slight improvement but costs more.

Flowserve Valtek Cavitation Solution Control Valves prevent cavitation damage and minimize hydrodynamic noise even under the most severe liquid applications. Their unique, patented designs eliminate cavitation damage and provide straightforward maintenance and a long life even with demanding applications. 

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