Pressure Switches Are Unsung Heroes in Many Process Control Applications

Pressure Switches Florida

In today's highly connected world of process control instrumentation, the unacknowledged and uncelebrated pressure switch quietly does it's job protecting people and equipment from unsafe conditions and ensuring consistent, efficient operation.

A pressure switch is an electromechanical device that senses fluid pressure and responds by opening or closing an electrical or pneumatic circuit. That's it. That's their job.

However, pressure switch applications exist in almost every water treatment plant, power plant, refinery, chemical plant, paper mill, steel mill, or other manufacturing plant. Pressure switches are everywhere.

Pressure switches are easy to use and consist of four essential components: a pressure port or connection; a sensor that moves in response to changing pressures; an electrical or pneumatic switch that opens or closes in response to movement; and finally, a housing that protects the pressure switch's internals from the environment. 

SOR pressure switches, the recipient of a 2021 CONTROL Readers Choice Award, have been field-proven in many industries for primary and redundant pressure applications. SOR continues to broaden its product ranges to meet evolving market needs, even though the technology of the initial Static "O" Ring mechanical switches set industry standards more than 50 years ago.  In any situation, there's a SOR switch designed to meet or exceed the minimum requirements for any hazardous area or agency approval. 

SOR pressure switches are designed and offered with various agency permits, housing enclosures, sensor materials, and switching configurations. The wide range of product components allows for the best instrument configurations to handle even the most demanding applications.

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