SUPERIOR Water Solutions Gas Chlorinators

SUPERIOR Gas Chlorinator
The SUPERIOR Gas Chlorinator is con­sidered the industry "workhorse" of gas chlorinators. The efficient design, coupled with the long lasting materials, creates reliable water disinfection systems with a safety first, user friendly design that is cost effective to install and so easy to operate and maintain. The SUPERIOR Gas Chlorinator is the optimum choice for water disinfection, whether for drink­ ing water, sewage treatment, industrial processes, food pro­cessing, cooling water, or swimming pools.

The vacuum-operated, solution feed type SUPERIOR Gas Chlorinator can be either mounted directly on a chlorine cylin­der valve, or wall mounted. Chlorine flow rate is manually adjusted. The design is such that a number of automatic flow rate control devices can be easily added. Modern mod­ular design makes it easy and cost-effective to expand or upgrade the system.

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