How to Zero and Span the SOR 815DT Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

SOR 815DTThe SOR 815DT smart differential pressure transmitter is a rugged, compact, light weight, loop powered instrument that is ideally suited for hazardous locations and hostile environments where space is limited. The 815DT offers many industry standard outputs to meet applications where low cost, discrete and continuous monitoring is required or preferred. This versatile instrument may be used to reliably measure differential pressure, level or flow.

Zero and Span
  1. The 815DT has the ability to easily set the zero and span set points with a magnet externally.
  2. Located on the casting is a circle for zero and a triangle for span.
  3. To set the zero, bring the pressure to the desired value, and touch the magnet to the circle for 3 seconds.
  4. This will set the current pressure to zero.
  5. This is the same process for setting the span.
  6. Also, by holding the magnet to the circle and triangle at the same time, you will enter a test mode.
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