Mapping Gas and Flame Detectors to Deliver Accurate Coverage

oil refinery
Determining the proper location layout for hazardous gas
detectors is key to ensuring an acceptable level of safety.
MSA is committed to supporting operators of industrial facilities in their efforts to promote safe work environments that benefit employees, contractors and the community. Devices and instruments for flame and hazardous gas detection and monitoring are a part of the MSA family of safety products.

The ability to detect the presence and level of gases that may be hazardous is incorporated in physical devices and their function is well understood. The challenge faced by plant and facility operators is determining the locations for sensing devices throughout the facility that will provide an effective level of protection. MSA has a flame and gas mapping solution that employs quantitative models and actual facility conditions to provide a high level of confidence that overall target performance for flame and gas detection is achieved.

More information is provided in the document included below. Share your flame and gas detection challenges with the experts. Leverage your own knowledge and experience with their product application resources and develop a successful solution.