Continuous In-Line Measurement of Process Liquid Viscosity

continuous process viscosity measurement instrument
In-line process viscosity measurement system.
Image courtesy Krohne, Inc.
Among the many analytical instruments from Krohne is the Viscoline process viscosity measurement system. It provides continuous in-line measurement of process liquid viscosity.

Krohne describes the operating principle...
The fluid flows through a continuous pipe containing two low pressure drop static mixers. The sensor device measures the pressure drop at both static mixers by means of two differential pressure measurements: ΔP1 and ΔP2. Precise pipe flow rate measurement is obtained from the integrated KROHNE OPTIMASS 7000 straight tube Coriolis meter which is uniquely insensitive to fluid viscosity effects. From the two pressure drop measurements and the flow rat reading, the fluid flow parameters are processed in the system, and the pipeline viscosity is determined. A temperature reading can be useful for thermal correction when a reference measurement is required. Such correction requires laboratory thermal characterization or dual measurement.
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