Sight Flow Indicators

sight flow indicator with flange connections
Sight flow indicators give operators a rapid and direct
means of verifying process flow.
Image courtesy Clark Reliance - Jacoby-Tarbox
Industrial process operations involving fluids benefit greatly from advanced instrumentation and measure, but there may be instances where a visual confirmation or assessment of fluid flow is useful or necessary. In those cases, a direct reading sight flow indicator is just the thing needed to fill the requirement.

The sight flow indicator is essentially a clear window or tube with an encasement and appropriate connections that facilitate its installation into a process piping system. It is installed in a manner that provides an operator visual access to the inside of the piping at that location. Further details about construction materials, armoring, and more will round out the product selection that best accommodates the industrial environment, the media, and the visual inspection needs.

Jacoby-Tarbox manufactures a range of  fluid processing and measurement products, including sight flow indicators, for industrial use. Their sight flow indicators, available in a broad range of line sizes and connections, enable a process operator to get that all important visual inspection of liquid or gaseous media flow in real time. The presence, color and character of the media can be assessed visually through the flow indicator, delivering visual confirmation of some targeted aspect of the process.

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