Pressure Switch Design Details

Industrial process control applications present dynamic and varied requirements for measuring, monitoring and control. Each point calls for specific evaluation of the information needed from the process point for use in monitoring process performance, or control to be applied at the process point to regulate an outcome. Sometimes, a continuous analog signal is needed to provide indication across a range of values. Other times, it is only necessary to have notification of, or take action when, a certain temperature or pressure related event occurs. In those cases, a simple and reliable device can adequately meet the project requirements.

Pressure and differential pressure switches connect to a process and change their switch position when a setpoint condition is reached. The are simple to understand, easy to install, low in cost, and require little maintenance of attention. The switches are available in an extensive array of configurations, with options to fill out almost any application requirement.

SOR, Inc., globally recognized manufacturer of temperature and pressure switches, has produced this video outlining some of the distinctive features of their pressure switches for industrial process control applications. Share your process measurement and control requirements and challenges with product application specialists, and leverage your own process knowledge and experience with their product expertise to develop effective solutions.