Flumes For Water System Open Channel Flow Measurement

fiberglass cutthroat flume open channel flow measurement
This cutthroat flume is one of several types of flumes
used to facilitate open channel flow measurement.
Image courtesy Tracom Fiberglass Products
The measurement of flowing water in an open channel can be facilitated by applying known methodologies and a specifically shaped restriction in the flow path. The restriction is called a flume.

A flume, as applied to open channel flow, is a fixed structure in the flow path that directs or restricts the flowing water in a manner that allows a measurement of the fluid depth at a defined point to be translated into a volumetric flow rate. There are several different types of flumes, each with a characteristic measuring procedure used to determine flow volume. Applications for flumes and their open channel flow measurement techniques are commonly found in agriculture, sewer systems, water treatment, and industrial effluent measurement stations.

Flumes can provide measurement accuracy suitable for many uses. Advantages are their simplicity, ease of maintenance, comparatively small footprint, and ability to measure large flows. Fiberglass flumes provide solid long term performance due to their corrosion resistance and smooth, easy to maintain, surface. Prefabricated units can be shipped to an installation site and easy installed.

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