New Electronic Pressure Switch With Continuous Output Signal

loop powered electronic pressure switch with continuous output
The new 805QS electronic pressure switch
Courtesy SOR, Inc.
SOR now has an enhanced version of their popular pressure transmitter, model 805PT. The new 805QS provides a continuous output signal corresponding to pressure, but also incorporates a failsafe adjustable pressure switch into the same device. The switch can be configured in the factory or field to operate in one of three ways:
  • Switch is closed when pressure is above a low setpoint and below a high setpoint. This is referred to as a "window" setting.
  • Switch is closed when pressure is above a setpoint.
  • Switch is closed when pressure is below a setpoint.
In all variants, the switch will open on loss of power. The loop powered unit is designed so that the switch and output signal operate independently. Other features include a five millisecond response time, full range temperature compensation, and global certifications.

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