Hot Tap Removal of Insertion Magmeter

This short video, produced by Seametrics, outlines the procedure for removal of their insertion magnetic flow sensor from an active line. The flow sensor has been installed in conjunction with a full port ball valve that allows isolation of the sensor from the pipe once the sensor has been properly positioned. The capability to remove the sensor for inspection or other operations without disturbing the contained process can be advantageous to certain applications.

Magnetic flow measurement instruments are effective in applications with sufficiently conductive liquids. A magnetic field is produced by the sensor. As liquid flows through the magnetic field, a small electric current is produced. The polarity of the magnetic field is rapidly reversed by the unit electronics, and the resulting output signal from the sensing unit is a rapid pulse, proportional to the flow rate. The pulse can be counted by electronic devices and used for monitoring, totalizing, or control. The signal is also easily converted to a 4-20 mA or other analog signal for transmission to other instruments or devices.

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