Rotork Instruments Brands Join ISI Technical Group Product Portfolio

air line filter regulator stainless steel high pressure
Midland brand air line filter regulator
Courtesy Rotork Instruments
ISI Tech Group now handles a large complement of the Rotork Instruments brand family throughout the Florida and South Georgia area. A number of well recognized brand names have been incorporated into the Rotork Instruments group of products in recent years and ISI now handles four of them.

Midland is a specialist manufacturer of stainless steel large flow air service equipment. Purpose specific, manufactured solutions for filtration and regulation of compressed air and gases is the specialty of the brand. Products include filters and regulators, poppet valves, spool valves, air pressure switches, flow regulators, and a host of specialized ancillaries that fill out a complete system installation.

The Fairchild brand, which has been on the roster of ISI Tech Group products for some time, offers a wide selection of electro-pneumatic transducers, pressure regulators, pneumatic relays, volume boosters, filters and accessories for process machine tool, robotic and other industrial applications. Products are available with designs to suit all environments, including hazardous areas.

industrial solenoid valves
M&M industrial solenoid valves
Courtesy Rotork Instruments
M&M International is also a Rotork Instruments brand. M&M solenoid valves are manufactured with high quality materials and to rigorous standards to deliver durable performance and high reliability. Robust construction makes these valves well suited for industrial applications. A choice of seal materials provides wide fluid compatibility. Products include general purpose solenoid valves, air actuated piston valves, automatic drain valves, and accessory products

needle valve block and bleed manifold
Block and bleed needle valve assembly
Courtesy Rotork Instruments
Bifold, another Rotork Instruments brand, manufactures medium pressure instrumentation ball valves, needle valves, fittings, manifolds, and relief valves for applications with pressure up to 20,000 psi.

This expanded product offering empowers the process measurement and control specialists at ISI Tech Group to better serve the diverse requirements of their customer base. Share your automation and process control challenges with experts, combining your own knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop effective solutions.

New Company Logo for Instrument Specialties

Instrument Specialties Inc. (ISI), is a long-standing, premier manufacturer's representative and distributor of industrial instrumentation in the Georgia and Florida areas of the US. The company has recently changed its logo, trade name, and website URL. We wanted to share them with you here.

logos for Instrumentation Specialties Incorporated

The company is the same, but the new logo and trade name of ISI Technical Group will be used going forward. There is also a new website address.
Be sure not to tack ".com" onto the end of what is shown above. Try it out.

Share your process instrumentation and control challenges with the specialists at ISI Technical Group. Combining your own process knowledge and experience with their product application expertise will yield an effective solution.

Purging Differential Pressure Sensor Lines

differential pressure transmitter Krohne Optibar
Differential Pressure Transmitter
Courtesy Krohne
In a fluid system, differential pressure measurement can be utilized in conjunction with a known restrictive element in the flow path to produce a flow measurement. Manufacturers of process measurement and control apparatus often produce application notes that reflect their experience or knowledge about specific circumstances that may create problems for users and operators. The application notes outline the circumstances that create the potential for trouble, then go on to show a method of prevention, mitigation, or elimination of the problem condition.

Brooks Instrument, globally recognized innovator in precision measurement and control of flow and pressure, has produced an application note that deals with differential pressure transmitter sensor lines and how to prevent them from being fouled by accumulation of media residue. The application note is included below and also appears in the Brooks Instrument blog.

Share your process measurement challenges and requirements with product application specialists, combining your own process knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop effective solutions.

Innovative Boiler Water Level Gauge Delivers High Visibility

The Simpliport boiler water level gauge provides the type of performance always wanted by operators. It is visible from great distance at angles up to 180 degrees. The brightly illuminated display clearly shows what portion of the boiler contains water and what portion contains steam.

The short video provides a good demonstration. More information is available from steam system specialists. Share your combustion and steam system requirements and challenges with experts, combining your own knowledge and experience with their product application expertise to develop effective solutions.