Understanding Hot Tapping: Insertion Flowmeter Example

hot tapping insertion probe
Hot tapping insertion probe.
The ability to remove an insertion flowmeter probe is important for service and calibration. In many situations, it is not desirable to shut down the process and drain the pipe. In these cases, a method for removal known as "hot tapping" is preferred. Hot tapping (also known as pressure tapping) is a technique where a connection is made to an existing pipe or pressure vessel without disturbing flow or having to empty the pipe or vessel. This allows a pipe or tank to be in operation while maintenance or modifications are being done.

This video demonstrates the steps (and precautions) to remove a Seametrics flowmeter insertion probe from a live process (hot tap).  Insertion type flowmeters use a ball valve as the shut-off device and as isolation from the process media in the pipe. The video outlines the sequence of loosening the lock nut, raising the probe, then shutting off the valve before removal.

Additionally, here is a good document with more specific information on the insertion flow meter / hot tapping process:

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