Guide to Industrial Electrical Grounding

Electrical Grounding
Electrical Grounding
Acromag, a manufacturer of industrial I/O solutions, recently produced a 3-part series on the best practices of grounding electrical equipment. For your convenience, this post combines all three parts of the white paper here into a single document below.

When wiring or connecting circuits, electrical equipment, and electrical instruments, there is a connection that you probably don’t give much thought to, and one that consequently reigns as one of the greatest sources of instrument error and malfunction. That connection is Ground.

Electrical systems must be grounded in order to work properly. The earth often serves as an ideal ground because of its large mass and ability to absorb charge, but ground can be any electrical connection that is able to freely conduct electricity, and grounding a circuit does not always refer to making a physical connection to earth ground.

To learn much more, please read the following document.