Simple, Effective Shield Protects Against Hidden Level Gauge Glass Erosion Failures

eroded glass in liquid level gages
Eroded glass in liquid
level gages.
It's no mystery why high pressure liquid should command your respect. when you've got 400, 500 or even 10,000 PSI in your process, you've got to pay close attention, even to instruments as trustworthy as your armored class level gauges.

Although armored glass liquid level gages are extremely reliable, leaks can occur due to deferred maintenance, or the rigors of continuous operation under high pressure. Erosion of armored gage glass, for example, is often invisible without inspection of the disassembled gage.

To add a new level of protection, the manufacturer Jerguson has introduced the SafeView safety shield. The SafeView shield made of tough polycarbonate can protect nearby operators from high pressure leaks.  In the video below you can see how it shields a direct hit from a 2000 PSI simulated leak. Additionally, it protects the gauge glass from accidental impact, deflecting even direct deliberate blows.

Installation is simple and takes only minutes per unit. The shield fits Series 20, 32 and 300L Jerguson flat glass gauges plus many gauges made by other companies, so you can retrofit your entire facility.

Let’s hope you never experience a high pressure leak, but using this type of device provides an extra level of safety and assurance just in case.