AUMA Electric Actuators for the Water Industry

Clean water is the basis of all life. Potable water production and distribution, sewage treatment, and disposal are core tasks of modern water management.

AUMA electric actuators ensure dependable valve automation in these areas of water, wastewater treatment, and municipal water facilities:

  • Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Drinking Water Distribution
  • Sewage Disposal
  • Sea Water Desalination
  • Irrigation Systems
  • Civil Engineering Constructions for Water Applications (Sluice Gates, Weirs, Dams)

AUMA actuators earned an excellent reputation by meeting the particular challenges and finding the perfect solutions in the water industry. Today, the AUMA brand is a synonym for long service life and ruggedness. For several decades, AUMA actuators have provided reliable and efficient service worldwide while requiring very minimal maintenance.

From individual actuators for municipal sewage treatment plants to major projects combining several hundreds of units, from the small butterfly valves, to ball valves, to weirs several meters high, AUMA solutions meet all customer demands.

AUMA modular products are easy to retrofit in an existing installation when upgrading with modern actuation and control technology.

Whether integration in established PLC control concepts or the latest Fieldbus technology, AUMA actuators guarantee adaptability into any control system design.

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Teledyne ISCO Water & Wastewater Webinar Library

Teledyne ISCO Water & Wastewater Webinars

Teledyne ISCO's Water & Wastewater Webinar Library provides a wealth of information for water and water treatment professionals and are a great way to learn about water sampling technology and flow management. Teledyne ISCO webinars offer timely information from experts and provide the flexibility to view at your convenience without the travel expense. 

Explore their recurring and on-demand webinars on various product implementation strategies and recommended practices for water sample analysis and data collection. Teledyne ISCO regularly adds new content, so check back frequently for new webinars.



  • PFAS Sampling Strategies 
  • What to Consider When Collecting Water Samples 
  • Cipher: Data Collection Anywhere, Anytime on Any Device
  • Ask ISCO: All About Portable Sampling
  • Fundamentals of Open Channel Flow Rate Measurement
  • Tips and Tricks for Winter Sampling Webinar
  • Measuring Flow Rates in Large Channels and Rivers
  • Measuring Flow in Difficult Conditions
  • Confirming the Accuracy of Open Channel Flow Data
  • Advanced Technologies for Monitoring COVID-19 in Wastewater
  • Confirming the Accuracy of Open Channel Flow Data
  • Laser & Radar Sensors for Open Channel Measurement Applications
  • Tracking COVID-19 in Wastewater
  • Open Channel Sensor Diagnostics
  • Increasing Safety & Minimizing Exposure with Collection System Flow Measurement
  • Firmware Updates to Improve Your Performance
  • Preparing for the Wet Weather Monitoring Season
  • Troubleshooting and Optimizing ISCO Communication Devices
  • Open-Channel Flow Measurement 101
  • Collecting Samples: Placement, Setup, and Programming
  • Measuring Flow in Hazardous Applications
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  • Things to Consider When Using Collection System Flow Meters
  • ASK ISCO: Portable Sampling
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Control Valve Cavitation Solutions

Cavitation is the formation of vapor spaces (bubbles) in the control valve cavity resulting from a rapid change in pressure. When the bubbles move downstream and are exposed to a larger cross-sectional area, velocity decreases and pressure increases, the surrounding higher pressure causes the lower pressure bubble to implode, which causes shockwaves. These shockwaves can cause metal fatigue and cause excessive wear on the internals of the valve. As the bubbles collapse, they make a discernible sound with accompanying vibration, and the damage to a valve can happen quickly (weeks or months).

Cavitation is very destructive and may wear out the trim and body parts of the valve in a short time. Using hard internal materials provides a slight improvement but costs more.

Flowserve Valtek Cavitation Solution Control Valves prevent cavitation damage and minimize hydrodynamic noise even under the most severe liquid applications. Their unique, patented designs eliminate cavitation damage and provide straightforward maintenance and a long life even with demanding applications. 

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Actuator Advancements in the Water & Wastewater Industry

AUMA in the Water & Wastewater Industry

AUMA actuation solutions are used for open/close valve applications to divert flow to respond to the water treatment plant requirements and perform flow control duties to operate the valve. In modulating applications, the actuator precisely controls the flow to adjust the amount of medium passing through the valve into or out of the treatment plant.

AUMA has a long history as a leader in electric actuators for the water management and water treatment sectors. They maintain their leadership position through innovation and technological advancements. Here are a few examples:

Leading the Effort for Automation of Electric Actuators in Water & Water Treatment

  • AUMA Cloud - Cost-Effective Asset Management and Condition-Based Predictive Maintenance
  • AUMA Assistant App - Quick & Easy Setting, Comprehensive Diagnostics, Data Cloud Storage, Fast Support, Documents at Your Fingertips
  • Electric Actuators for Continuous Underwater Use

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Pressure Switches Are Unsung Heroes in Many Process Control Applications

Pressure Switches Florida

In today's highly connected world of process control instrumentation, the unacknowledged and uncelebrated pressure switch quietly does it's job protecting people and equipment from unsafe conditions and ensuring consistent, efficient operation.

A pressure switch is an electromechanical device that senses fluid pressure and responds by opening or closing an electrical or pneumatic circuit. That's it. That's their job.

However, pressure switch applications exist in almost every water treatment plant, power plant, refinery, chemical plant, paper mill, steel mill, or other manufacturing plant. Pressure switches are everywhere.

Pressure switches are easy to use and consist of four essential components: a pressure port or connection; a sensor that moves in response to changing pressures; an electrical or pneumatic switch that opens or closes in response to movement; and finally, a housing that protects the pressure switch's internals from the environment. 

SOR pressure switches, the recipient of a 2021 CONTROL Readers Choice Award, have been field-proven in many industries for primary and redundant pressure applications. SOR continues to broaden its product ranges to meet evolving market needs, even though the technology of the initial Static "O" Ring mechanical switches set industry standards more than 50 years ago.  In any situation, there's a SOR switch designed to meet or exceed the minimum requirements for any hazardous area or agency approval. 

SOR pressure switches are designed and offered with various agency permits, housing enclosures, sensor materials, and switching configurations. The wide range of product components allows for the best instrument configurations to handle even the most demanding applications.

For more information about SOR pressure switches in Florida, contact Instrument Specialties. Call them at 407-324-7800 or visit this web page.

Your Local Teledyne ISCO Representative is Ready to Assist with Applying Portable Samplers

Applying Portable Samplers

Portable samplers enable water quality monitoring in a variety of remote locations. However, determining the right equipment and optimum configuration for the site can be a challenge. An asset you can reliably turn to is your local Teledyne ISCO Representative. They are your local source for new products, proper application, product obsolescence, and replacement. Also, because these experts have access to so many different types of applications and situations, your local Teledyne ISCO Representative is a wealth of tacit knowledge that they readily share with their customers. 

For example, more and more municipalities are testing their wastewater for the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) uses Teledyne ISCO portable samplers to track COVID-19 in wastewater collection systems, proving helpful in controlling the pandemic. The use of sewage pathogen monitoring in wastewater treatment facilities as a public health surveillance tool is now a reality. Municipalities have at their disposal portable and refrigerated samplers ready for widespread collection and testing. Your ISCO Representative is prepared to outline the best ways to use this equipment as part of your overall Coronavirus strategy in any type of environment or testing situation. 

Teledyne ISCO Representatives can assist you in applying portable samplers in these challenging situations:

  • Sites with low flow
  • Deep vertical sampling
  • Fast flow, solids, ragging, and other challenging conditions
  • Special considerations for wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE)
  • Tracking COVID-19 in wastewater to help control the epidemic
  • Sample preservation, cooling, and battery life
  • Selecting the proper sampler for the location

It makes sense to develop a close relationship with these factory-trained, technical sales experts for water treatment professionals. They will help you gain better insight into the most commonly encountered problems in portable sampling applications and how to handle them. 

In Florida, contact Instrument Specialties, Inc. Their phone number is 407-324-7800. You can also learn more at